Stenabolic (Sr9009) – Lock Your Fitness By Using It.

The working mechanism behind Stenabolic is quite tricky. It is important to note that this drug is not a SARM. Nevertheless, it is promoted by many suppliers as a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. The truth is that it is a REV-ERB.

Stenabolic or SR9009 was developed at Scripps Research Institute by Prof. Thomas Burris. Probably, you are wondering what Rev-erb is? This is a protein that is available in the skeletal muscle, brain, adipose tissue, and the liver. It is an essential protein in the circadian regulation process. Thus, it has to do with a person’s circadian rhythm or the biological clock as it is commonly known.

  • SR9009 was primarily developed for understanding the human body’s circadian rhythm. During tests on animals, it was found to have promising results. For instance, it was found to reduce anxiety, reduce inflammation, and improve endurance levels.
  • These benefits have been replicated on humans. When you use Stenabolic, you will enjoy the same health benefits you get from exercise. However, clinical trials have not been carried on humans. Therefore, it is difficult to tell what the exact side effects would be. This explains why it is available on the market as a research drug.
  • Ideally, REV-ERBs are proteins that restore balance to body’s clock by turning off BMAL1. For them to work, they need to be turned on by the heme group. This is a tiny compound that is available throughout the body and contains iron.

Due to surprising results from the research on SR9009, people are now using this drug for bodybuilding purposes. It has been referred to as “exercise inside a bottle.” The only problem is that there is no evidence documented to tell what long-term effects would be when a person uses Stenabolic.

How It Works

Stenabolic sets off different processes in the human body by binding and activating REV-ERB protein. The fact that it stimulates additional production of mitochondria means that it enhances metabolism in muscles.

  • As the amount of mitochondria increases, you will experience improved strength and endurance levels. When lab mice received this drug, it increased its running speed by over 50%. The explanation for this is the increased level of endurance as a result of the production of additional mitochondria. Also, every dead mitochondrion is replaced with new ones.

How Sr9009 does work

  • Also, as the metabolic rate of body changes, the amount of energy consumed by the body increases by at least 5-percent when you are resting. In this case, SR9009 becomes helpful as it burns the excess calories rather than having them converted to fat. In summary, Stenabolic reduces the amount of cholesterol and fat stored in the body. It also burns off glucose and fat stored in the muscles.


Benefits of Stenabolic

Weight Loss

  • SR9009 can help you lose weight without using special diets or exercising. It helps reduce the number of triglycerides, cholesterol, free fatty acids, and insulin.
  • Studies done on lab mice showed that the mice stopped gaining weight after 12 days of being injected with this drug. Also, their glucose levels and insulin tolerance were not affected.

Lowers Blood Cholesterol

  • Mice injected with SR9000 reduced both triglyceride and cholesterol levels in the body. A scientific study carried on mice to mimic the human fat-like profile found that after using the drug for 8 weeks, saw the mice reduce cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels. However, HDL cholesterol remains the same.

Boost Endurance

  • You should note that Stenabolic increases the number of mitochondria. In this way, it helps improve the user’s endurance level. Studies revealed that it increases endurance within a month of intake. The evidence suggests that you can run long distances for an extended period.
  • Also, the research indicates that SR9009 represses autophagy genes that lead to increasing mitochondria in muscle cells. Using this drug feels like changing a V4 engine to the V8 engine in a vehicle.

Decrease Inflammation

  • The fact that it can drastically reduce the production of TNF-alpha; it helps reduce lung inflammation. Also, it thwarts the production of the inflammation molecules in nerve cells.

Protects You from Heart Disease

  • Stenabolic was given to modified mice that had hardened arteries for 8 weeks. During the trial period, they monitored reduced blood vessels lesions.
  • This is the case that they had the same blood fat levels while maintaining their food intake and body weight.

If you take SR9009 for 30 days, it will prove to be quite beneficial for heart function. It was also found to reduce heart weight and size because of induced heart growth. The results happen without affecting the blood pressure level.

Gives You Energy

  • As noted above, SR9009 affects the REV-ERB cycles that affect the sleep-wake patterns. However, this will last for about 12 hours after using the supplement. Surprisingly, when mice were injected at night, it did not show any effect.
  • When it was injected during the daytime, it showed increased activity and energy spikes. This means that the drug affects the sleep and waking cycles. This makes it ideal for shift workers and frequent travelers who want to ward off sleep.

treat Anxiety

  • When mice were injected twice with the drug for 10 days, they reduced their anxiety levels. Therefore, it can be used to treat people suffering from anxiety.

Side Effects

As by now, there are no side effects identified. It is right to say that this supplement is quite safe to say that it is safe to consume. This is because it does not affect hormones in any way. Therefore, it cannot aromatize into estrogen and cannot suppress testosterone levels. Also, it does not harm your liver.

  • It is advisable to use it in combination with supplements that support the liver. However, there have been some reported cases of insomnia.
  • If you discover anything wrong with Stenabolic, you need to stop using it. It is advisable to seek the help of your doctor.
  • After using the drug, it is not necessary to run a Post Cycle Therapy or PCT. This is because it is not a hormone but a protein. However, if you are stacking it with steroids or other supplements, then PCT is necessary. Inclusion of such supplements will make it essential to use a PCT.


If you are using steroids like Trenbolone, you can add this drug to the existing stack. You can also use it as you like. Recent studies show that it mixes well with other steroids without causing any side effects.

  • So far, there is no correct human dosage established. Therefore, we have researched various forums to find suggested dosages. Most users are recommending 20 to 30 mg per day.
  • However, some users have expanded to 40 mg per day. Remember that dosage depends on how the body reacts to the chemical and your fitness goals.
  • It is advisable to cycle the drug for at least 8 weeks and then 8 weeks off. In this way, you avoid building a tolerance to the drug. You should avoid exceeding 12-week usage. It is a good idea to take some weeks off.

half life of sr9009

  • Stenabolic has a half-life that is estimated to be about four hours. Therefore, you need to space out your dosage throughout the day. For instance, if your dosage is 40 mg per day, you should take 10 mg every four hours.
  • If you find it bothersome, then you should use it at least one hour to your physical training. These include sex, weight training, and cardio. For most users, this makes sense rather than spacing it throughout the day. You should note that Stenabolic has an active life within 2 hours of using it. After this, it leaves the system.
  • Stenabolic blends perfectly with the existing steroid or stack cycle. Remember that this compound does not influence hormones. Thus, it will not break up or down into estrogen that may result in breast development.

As noted above, you can stack SR9009 with other diet supplements to increase the pace of achieving your fitness goals. However, you ought to be very careful to avoid overdosing by mistake. For instance, you can use these supplements such as Winstrol, Cardarine, and Equipoise. It can also be stacked with SARMS.

Bottom Line

Although there are skeptics who think that SR9009 is not suitable for health and it can be dangerous, at the very base, this is a performance-enhancing protein that is better as compared to taking the anabolic steroids.

The truth is that this is a powerful supplement for bodybuilding and weight loss. Its effects can range from fat loss to endurance to post-workout regeneration, and reduced cholesterol levels. Most users have found this drug quite helpful.

It does not matter whether you are an average person, bodybuilder, or professional athlete; you should consider having Stenabolic in your fitness locker. The good thing about this drug is that it does not have any known side effects; it is safe to use. Like most supplements, the key lies in using it correctly.

You have to remember that SR9009 is a drug and should not be abused. Given that this drug is still under research, we recommend to only starting using it after carrying out thorough research.

Ostarine (MK 2866) Review, Effects, Dosage, And Benefits

Ostarine is also referred to as Andarine. It is regarded as one of the best selective androgen receptor modulators used in preventing muscle wasting as well as reducing the risk associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia. Its first human clinical trials were extremely positive. It is hard to find something more potent than Ostarine MK-2866.

To be precise, Ostarine is the most effective SARM used by bodybuilders, amateurs, and athletes. Researchers believe that it is closely related to the exogenous testosterone. In addition to this, MK-2966 is the only SARMS which have been researched extensively on humans.

Origin Of Ostarine MK-2866

MK-28666, Enobosarm, or Ostarine is selective SARM, which is researched and developed by GTx laboratories. It has been proven to be successful in preventing muscle wasting caused by various forms of cancer. Researchers have been working on this product for the last decade to unearth its numerous health benefits. It is believed that it might at one time be used as a suitable replacement to the side-effect induced medicines used by many people.

How Does MK-2866 Work?

Ostarine is known for selectively binding itself to the androgen receptors found in the bone and muscle tissues. These receptors are well-programmed to receive vital information about specific steroidal hormones such as estrogen, testosterone, and DHT. In general, it works like mild testosterone without causing DHT and estrogen related side effects that most people are petrified of. Ostarine has excellent bioavailability, just like Andarine.

How Is Ostarine Used?

How Is Ostarine Used

This product exists in the form of tablets or capsules, both of which that are taken orally. The recommended daily dose is 25mg for a cutting cycle or bulking in men. Women should take a low dose-about 10mg/day. For tablets, the recommended daily dosage is 1-2 tablets.

  • This product can be stacked with other anabolic steroids or SARM because of its well-rounded profile. Most bodybuilders use MK-2866 in between their steroid cycles or as PCT drugs to maintain their hard earned muscles. A complete MK-2866 muscle building cycle should last for three months.

Potential Benefits and Effects of Ostarine

Most bodybuilders used SARMs to prevent muscular dystrophy and muscle wasting. Some of them believe that they can increase their mass by abusing or taking high doses of ostarine, but this is not recommended. Let’s have a look at the primary benefits of Ostarine.

Improved Bone Health

  • The amount of testosterone produced by our bodies decreases with age. Taking ostarine can help you in improving the bone density and bone strength, thereby reducing the risk associated with bone fractures.

Making permanent Gains

  • It has reported that its users report making less or more permanent gains. This is one of the unique traits of Ostraine. Its users lose very little of what is gained during the complete three-months cycle. This has made Ostarine be one of the most useful post PCT supplements or off-steroids drugs that people can use.

Better Lipid Profile

  • MK-2866 helps reduce the levels of Triglycerides and LDL. The only problem of Ostaraine is reducing the levels of HDL, which is one of the beneficial cholesterols. This is a significant concern in steroid cycles. It is advisable to use Cardarine to compliment these steroid cycles.

Lean Bulk

  • Clinical trials performed on elderly individuals have proved that ostarine can help such people in gaining lean muscle mass and improving their fitness levels. To be precise bodybuilders can gain up to 8 pounds of lean muscle mass by taking about 25mg of ostarine daily during their here months cycle.

Insulin Resistance

  • MK-2866 is regarded as one of the healthier, safer alternatives for anti-diabetes drugs such as Metformin. This product is effective in reducing the levels of blood sugar and improving insulin resistance.

Burning Fats

  • Mk-2866 is one of the best weight loss tools. Taking this product can help you in losing more calories. Weight loss is a complicated process which cannot be achieved by exercising alone.
  • You should, therefore, add this product in your regular diet to aid in weight loss. Most used have witnessed a significant reducing in body fat after taking and cycling with this product.

Preventing Injuries

  • Mk-2866 is useful in converting anabolism in the skeletal muscle and bone tissue. You can use it with other conventional drugs to increase bone density. More research is being conducted to find if this product can be used as an effective remedy for osteoporosis.
  • Athletes can use this compound to improve the recovery times after tendon and bone-related injuries.

Other Benefits

  • Ostarine doesn’t cause gynecomastia. This means that men should not be worried about developing female-like breasts. Furthermore, this compound is beneficial in improving the recovery time, especially after intense workouts.

Side Effects of Ostarine

Ostarine is safe for use, but it can cause a few side-effects, especially when taken in high doses. To remain safe, you should use the recommended daily amount-roughly 20mg/day. This supplement is more reliable than the anabolic steroids or prohormones used by bodybuilders. Generally, it does not cause any notable severe side effects. Unlike with the other types of bodybuilding supplement, MK-2866 doesn’t affect heart or liver health. Again, it does not affect one’s sexual organs or causes injuries like hair loss and acne. Some of the common side effects associated with this product include;

  • Lethargy
  • Slight nausea
  • Increasing the estrogen level slightly

The slight increase in the estrogen level is beneficial in the healing of fractured or injured joints. You can minimize these effects by purchasing tested, quality products from reputable sellers. In addition to this, you should avoid taking anti-estrogen medication during the 12-weeks cycle since this can cause hormonal imbalance.

Where Can You Buy Ostarine?

This product is readily available in the general drug store and online stores. You should buy MK 2866 from reputable sellers and authentic sites that sell health supplements. Some vendors offer excellent customers services, discounts, and free shipping for their customers.

Ostraine Results

ostarine results

The results or this product are exciting and pretty amazing. This means that it cannot be compared with other steroids that have many side effects in the user’s body. You should expect the best results at the end of the 12-weeks cycle. For instance, your body will appear much fuller and leaner. Furthermore, you will be quite vascular after this cycle. To get the best result, you should combine your workout regime with a healthy, strict diet.

Final Overview

In the end, we can conclude that Mk-2866 is a safe and effective SARM which can help people in building solid muscles. Some users report that ostarine has made the skins look or appear clearer. Anyone who wants some solid training, extra strength, and fantastic gains should try this product. It is not anabolic like other SARMS such as LGD 4033. It has become trendy among bodybuilders because of its permanent results, quick results, and long-lasting benefits.

Furthermore, Mk-2866 is not laced with anabolic steroids or toxic chemicals that would ruin your health. It has helped many people in gaining permanent lean, hard muscles even after discontinuing their cycles. Taking this product will significantly improve the quality of your life by boosting energy and improving heart health. This product does not cause severe, crazy side-effects like liver damage. The promising results of this product make it one of the best SARMS for bodybuilding programs. Be it a PCT, cutting cycle, body re-composition, or bulking cycle.

Cardarine (GW501516) – Different Benefits Proven By Clinical Trials

Have you ever heard about Cardarine (GW501516)? Yes. Have you used it? Cardarine (GW501516) is becoming popular in the world. It was realized in the 1990s, but in the 2000s it took its root. Most people used it to prevent the formation of tumor in the breasts, prostate, and colon, which would otherwise lead to cancer and other complications. In so doing, the drug could be used to stop the abnormal metabolic reactions like diabetes and obesity. Out of such discoveries, it became simple for humanity to avoid the most form of disorders that could be linked to abnormal cell multiplication.

How does Cardarine work?

Every person would want to know how this drug works before getting to use it. This is the primary reason why we opted to do a review on it to give you a direction on what to expect. It works on androgen receptors which enhance glucose intake. At this point, it causes oxidation of fatty acid hence melting any abnormal muscles being produced. This is the primary reason why it is used to solve obesity-related issues.

how does cardarine work

  • Additionally, it also helps in boosting the level of good cholesterol in the body as it reduces the bad ones. Research shows that it increases good cholesterol by 79%. Those who have been using the drug can attest that it changed their cholesterol level.
  • It is more applicable for those who have to go through a vigorous exercise to burn fats. This is, however, not an excuse that you should stop taking exercise for your physical fitness.

The pros of using Cardarine

There are some pros that you are bound to enjoy if you decide to go by this drug in your endeavors to gain strength and stamina. Here are some of them:

It boosts endurance

  • When it comes to doing anything that needs persistence, then this is one of the best sources of tolerance that you should think about. It adds you more energy and stamina to keep going. You wonder what athletes obtain from using this drug! There is nothing unique in what they do.
  • They have only realized the essence of the energy boost that they can get from this drug. You can also benefit from it.
  • If you are doing any form of duty which needs a lot of endurance, you can get your boost from this energy supplement. It gives you more focus to continue doing it. It is like a soft voice in your heart which tells you, ‘you are almost there, press on.’

All you need, at times, is concentration boost and energy. Any supplement on this would be a friend you should not ignore. For instance, if you are a gym instructor, it goes without saying that you need much energy to succeed in your job. This can be a great source of encouragement to you. The good thing with this is that it does not crush you sometimes later after using it. In other words, it keeps you focused, active, and energetic for quite a long time.

It provides long-lasting results

  • There are several sources of energy that you will hear people talking about when it comes to an energy boost. Some will tell you about some strains of kratom which are considered to be very strong like the Maeng da kratom. However, Cardarine is durable and gives a long-lasting effect.
  • Once you take a dose, you can enjoy the results for about 10 to 12 hours, which is far much beyond the regular four to six hours’ experience of kratom. This places this drug at more advantage than other familiar sources of energy, stamina, and concentration.

Limited side effects

  • Cardarine also comes with limited results. Well, any drug would come with side effects when not used well. Some, however, would affect the user based on body size and other related factors.
  • What amazes with this specific drug is that it does not have any effects on the user regardless of the body size.
  • Whether you are small in size or big, you can still take this drug. The dosages for each does not differ from individuals based on physical and age differences.

It can be used even during bulking or cutting

  • Another advantage of using cardarine is that you can use it even when bulking or cutting. In other words, you should not consider the facts that this drug prevents the rapid multiplication of cells. During bulking, the drug can still enhance your stamina because it only works on melting the fatty acids. You do not need the fatty acids to grow fat. All you need is muscle development.
  • Even when it comes to cutting, you still can do the drug. The only caution you should take is to ensure that you take the right dose and at the right time. If all you need is endurance when doing something and so you must have a plan to make use of the energy that you are gaining from the use of the drug.

It is non-catabolic and rapidly melts fats

  • Also, the cardarine is known to be non-catabolic meaning it does not interfere with the normal metabolic reactions. Your body will operate as it should do. When taking this drug, you should not worry that maybe some part of you will not perform as needed. Some other medicines may interfere with normal body functioning.

Its effects are noticeable

  • You can quickly notice the impact of using this drug. Even people around you will be attracted to the zeal you have in what you are doing. Other sources of energy and concentration may only give you secretive effects. In other words, it is only you that will feel them, but others may not know why you are valid unless they ask.

Are there side effects of using Cardarine?

To this point, there have not been any serious side effects reported on using Cardarine. However, just as any drug would come with side effects when not correctly used, cardarine can also cause some side effects. This means that you will have to use it as prescribed. Some people talk of this drug, causing liver complication, but to this point, there has not been a direct link of this drug to liver diseases.

As a user, you are obligated to follow the correct protocol in taking the drug. It is advisable that you take it within a time limit not shorter than 12 hours. If you take your dose frequently, you may end up overdosing hence calling for further complications. The cycle should also be within one month after which one should take a break from the dosage lest it develops tolerance on an individual.

Where can I buy Cardarine?

We interacted with most buyers majorly through social media, and one thing that comes out was that most buyers preferred getting it through the online platforms. Several vendors can be trusted when it comes to buying this drug.

  • For instance, Predator Nutrition is one of the most reliable vendor online who even goes ahead to do free shipping for the sake of the satisfaction of its clients. Well, it is not the only one, and we cannot claim that it is the best one although most clients recommended it for its supply of high-quality products and reliability of the vendor.
  • However, some users reported that they bought the drug from smoke shops. Out of those who got them from the smoke shops, a good number reported their disappointment on the fact that it was complicated to get the drug in one smoke shop. They said that they had to move from one smoke shop to another to get the dose. This is according to reddit. To be one the safe side, we advise that you use the online vendor direction to get all that you need with ease.


Cardarine dose Recommendations

I would recommend that when taking this dose, you should ensure that you do not take this drug on an empty stomach. This would be a direct way of enduring side effects. Any drug is it prescribed by a doctor, or not should be taken on an empty stomach. If this happens, you can be sure that you are going to face issues like vomiting and the like.

  • I would also recommend that you should increase your water intake alongside the dose. This basically to reduce the dehydration that would be caused by those drugs for an energy boost. This is the primary reason why some of the drugs for energy boost have always blamed for producing harmful effects.

Final thought

Having reviewed other peoples’ report on the use of cardarine, I would say that this drug is better than even most of the drug people go for and claim to be natural sources of energy. Majorly, those good sources of energy like kratom have several side effects which can make the whole idea of getting the expected result to become null. If you get a provision of a drug which does not affect you negatively, I guess it should be your source of joy.

Ligandrol (LGD 4033) – Top 7 Performance Eenhancing Uses of Ligandrol

LGD 4033 or Ligandrol is a SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator) developed by Ligand Pharmacy LLC. Currently, it is made by Viking Therapeutics. This supplement was developed as a treatment for muscle wasting conditions that include cancer, aging, muscular dystrophy, and osteoporosis.

It works by binding to the androgen receptors that are found in the body. Androgen receptors are found in male reproductive tissue. Since SARMs were developed to treat these conditions and diseases, they became quite popular among athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and bodybuilders.

  • To appreciate its popularity; some top athletes have been tested on this product. However, you should note that this product is banned for use by professional athletes. The primary reason for its popularity is the fact that the product has been through various clinical trials. Moreover, the results are quite promising. Also, there are nearly zero side effects, and it useful for building muscles.
  • This drug is quite popular among professionals and athletes who are conscious of their body composition and muscle size. Some of the people who use Ligandrol include weight lifters, models, crossfitters, strongmen, athletes, and bodybuilders.

Nowadays, there is some hype around Ligandrol. You should note that this product is not a steroid. This is because people, particularly those in competitive sports, have been using it to enhance performance. It is unfortunate that athletes misuse products such as LGD that are meant for therapeutic use.

Scientific Research Supporting Ligandrol

For the last few years, there has been a lot of research into the safety and efficacy of SARMs. Unfortunately, little research has published. A 2010 clinical trial demonstrated the effects of LGD 4033 in humans and evaluated its tolerability, pharmacokinetic profiles, and safety.

  • Most studies have faced challenges, such as a small number of participants. Also, these studies have been aiming at establishing tolerability and safety instead of efficacy. These studies have not demonstrated the maximal effects on muscle strength and mass. Therefore, there is a need for further studies to assess the impact and efficacy of LGD.

Top Uses of Ligandrol LGD 4033

The following are some of the results you are likely to get by using Ligandrol.

Uses of Ligandrol

Muscle Mass

  • A lot of users and medical experts regard Ligandrol as a powerful SARM currently on the market. It improves protein synthesis, enhances nitrogen, and increases the production of RBC. This makes it the perfect anabolic environment for your body to overgrow.
  • When you use this drug, you can gain muscle mass. It does not matter whether you are not on a diet or do not exercise. You will not experience bloating or water retention. Therefore, your muscle gain will be hard and dry.

Strength Gains

  • Increased production of RBC results in oxygenation in the muscle tissue. The enhanced nutrient supply allows muscles to recover quickly. Besides, it boosts your endurance. You should be ready to experience crazy strength gains after two weeks of LBD use.

Bone Strength

  • Ligandrol can be used to improve the bone density of patients and help reduce the impact of fractures. With enhanced bone strength, this translates into improved performance in the field or the gym.

Fat Loss

  • If you intend to use Ligandrol for weight loss, you should note that this drug does not directly burn fats. However, since it is an androgen stimulator, its use can help increase your metabolism that can result in fat loss. Moreover, increased muscle mass will result in the burning of fats.


  • Cachexia is a medical term for muscle wasting. However, it involves muscle atrophy, appetite loss, fatigue, and extreme weight loss. This is a common problem in patients with cancer, AIDs, sepsis, severe burns, and kidney disease.

Main contributors to this condition include high cytokine levels and muscle degrading molecules. You should note that wasting of respiratory muscles and pneumonia cause more than 30% of cancer-related deaths.

  • Before SARMS were used, scientists realized the benefits of SARMs for cachexia. A lot of drugs were tried. Anabolic steroids were found to improve lean body mass, treat muscle wasting, and increase bone density. However, they had severe side effects like masculinization in women and liver toxicity.
  • On the other hand, testosterone could help increase muscle performance and lean mass in HIV-infected patients. Unfortunately, its use increases the risk of suffering from prostate cancer. It can also affect red blood cells and sexual organs.

Fortunately, SARMs are considered to be a breakthrough in the treatment of muscle wasting. You should note that not all SARMs are effective and safe. It is advisable to use Ligandrol because it is a perfect SARM that potently and selectively increases the muscle mass without affecting the prostate. The fact that it can increase muscle strength means that it improves the quality of life in people with cachexia.

Fractures and Osteoporosis

  • Increasing bone formation and preventing bone loss are crucial to protecting the body against osteoporosis. The standard therapy for these conditions is far from being found. However, SARMs are considered as a safe option for increasing bone strength and improving bone healing.
  • SARMs such as Ligandrol are vital for allowing bone fractures to heal and maintaining bone mass. These drugs can be used in both women and men. This is because they do not trigger androgen excess.

Brain and Libido

  • Research is still ongoing on the effects of SARMs on the brain. As you know, testosterone has a significant impact on cognitive behavior and psychosexual behavior. Remember that Ligandrol is muscle- and bone-selective.
  • However, it can get to the brain and enhance your mood and increase libido. The manufacturer states that LGD 4033 can help improve cognition, energy, and libido.

Side Effects of Ligandrol

You are wondering whether Ligandrol has side effects associated with its use. Some of the side effects include

  • nausea,
  • water retention,
  • fatigue,
  • and headaches.

Remember that most tests are quite paranoid. Thus, it becomes difficult to ascertain whether the side effects are as a result of Ligandrol. It is unfortunate that most people do not use the real LGD 4033.

The most important thing to do is to buy LGD 4033. Nowadays, many sites take advantage of unaware consumers. They do so by charging ridiculous prices and providing fake products. An authorized vendor should provide you with third-party documentation. If you buy the real LGD 4033, you will be fine. Few people experience side effects when they use Ligandrol.

Also, side effects can be a result of not taking the right dosage. Unlike steroids, these side effects can be reversed.


  • It is advisable to experiment with 5 mg per day. Most users have reported that from 5 to 10 mg is ideal for gaining strength and building muscles. In some clinical trials, it has been shown that even 1 mg per day is adequate.
  • You need to start with a small dosage and then build up the muscles gradually. Some users report doing dosages of up to 20 mg a day. However, this is not recommended. It is possible to get excellent results by using lower doses that are much safer.
  • After deciding on how much mg you are going to run, you ought to know how long your cycle can last. Unapproved reports show that LGD 4033 cycles run from 6 to 8 weeks. Some users run it for an extended period, but this is up to you to decide.
  • The half-life of LGD is about 36 hours. This means that even dosing once a day is sufficient. Therefore, you can take Ligandrol in the morning during breakfast.

Ensure you play safe by taking the ideal dosage that is 5 to 10 mg per day for up to 8 weeks. Always remember that the drug is still under research.

Where to Buy Ligandrol

Buy Ligandrol

Purchasing Ligandrol from a trusted source is paramount. Check whether the store provides third-party results. Also, they should offer you the real deal. A reputable store must take extra effort to get the drugs and products they sell verified. In this way, you will tell whether you are buying the original Ligandrol.

Unlike steroids, it is legal to purchase LGD 4033. You need to understand that you can only buy Ligandrol as a research drug or chemical. This is because this product has not completed its clinical trials and has not been allowed for human use. However, this does not mean that the drug is harmful. It has shown excellent results in all trials and tests. It has continued to be safer to use as compared to the anabolic steroids. Therefore, commercial restrictions are a technicality until it is released into the market.


There are few SARMs currently on the market. All tests done have shown that SARMs are safer and more efficient as compared to anabolic steroids. Ligandrol is already in the third phase of medical trials. It will not take long until the government allows it for human use. When this happens, it will be easy to get the product at retailers.

If your aim is increasing muscle strength and bodybuilding, then Ligandrol will help you achieve without exercising or taking special diets. Always keep in mind that although the product is safe, it is still in the trial phase.

Testolone ( RAD140 ) – Does It Call A Strongest SARMs?

In life, people do have different purpose and reasons as to why they opt to take SARMS compounds.

  • The majority do take these compounds to gain an insane amount of muscle mass. Typically to achieve such, majority of people takes LGD-4033 or the Ligandrol.
  • Surprisingly life is too fan. While someone is in dire need of building more body muscles, someone else wants to lower the same. People who want to cut off body fat and keep up a schedule of suppressing their body with junks go for Ostarine.
  • From our observation and indeed what seems best if you want to build up muscles and shed off extra body fats, maintaining a healthy diet and hitting the road of a gym is ideal.

A particular section of people, on the other hand, trade mass gains hand in hand with strength gain. They work hard to lift the best they can and break the previous thresholds for a bench, dead fits, and squats. This forms a perfect time when Testolone or Rad 140 comes into their mind.

What is Rad 140?

Rad 140 is widely known as Testolone and is touted as the ultimate strength to gain SARM. Using Testolone do means not only muscle gain but also an extraordinary power in return. As that is not enough, Rad 140 at incredibly low doses has a considerate anabolic effect that suppresses androgenic sides.

  • RAD 140 is a selective androgen receptor modular that is under strict research and evaluation from Radius Healthcare. Medics and researcher want to gain knowledge as to why Rad 140 can treat weight loss a condition mainly referred to as Cachexia, and why is it the best alternative for Testosterone replacement therapy.
  • If the researcher has a great need in evaluating Rad140, who are we not to grasp one or two details of the same.
  • RAD 140 has a selective affinity towards androgen receptors for both bones and muscle tissues. This, in return, allows its users to gain lean muscles and avoid muscle wasting.

Before this supplement was induced for human consumption, the initial trial was carried out in mice. The experiment was successful, and hence, recommendation on human use was granted.

How does RAD 140 work?

Testolone is just like any other SARM you might be thinking. Its users, however, tend to prove that RAD 140 has a great affinity for androgen receptor compared to other SARM compounds.

  • Once RAD 140 binds with the androgen receptor, it mimics the actions of almost all androgens. These include natural hormones such as testosterone and DHT.
  • Once androgen is mimicked, RAD 140 causes an increase in Nitrogen retention while at the same time boost protein synthesis in the body. Protein synthesis means a gain of enormous lean muscle mass.

In standard cases, Testolone rarely aromatizes or allow itself to be converted into DHT. This ability is contrary to synthetic androgens such as Testosterone and its derivatives, which are easily converted.

Why is RAD 140 the special SARM?

RAD 140 experiences

Almost all SARM are selective and aids positive results. However, RAD 140 is unique from the rest. By RAD 140 binding to androgen receptors, the user experiences excellent benefits without the need to worry about side effects. This makes the reason as to why RAD 140 is a more special SARM.

Many bodybuilders will tell you RAD 140 cannot be compared in anywhere with any of the other SARMs or steroids in terms of side effects. Its side effects are minimal and more suppressed.

What to expect once you take RAD 140

There are many claims that RAD 140 is the closest selective androgen receptor modulator to steroids. What this means is that once you take it, you expect a massive increase in body muscles and bone strength. People also link RAD 140 with the ability to cause loss of fat while the process of tissue builds up.

  • Drastic results are always expected immediately after the use of RAD 140. Due to its high ability in androgen affinity, this compound is considered as the strongest ever SARM compound.
  • If we would categorically want to define RAD 140, we would say it has a ratio of about 80: 1 anabolic to androgen.

It is worth noticing that compounds with high anabolic components, do contain great ability to aid in mass bodybuilding.

What is the appropriate RAD 140 dose?

Since RAD 140 is not medically prescribed, there arise different opinions concerning the right dosage users should adhere on.

  • Our advice is always one and quite apparent to Testolone users. Since RAD 140 is an active compound, the best way to go about it is to start experimenting with low dosages and improve with time.
  • The most significant advantage of RAD 140 is that it has a long half-life of about 15 to around 20 hours. What does this mean? It means you stand a chance of dosing RAD 140 once in a day and enjoy the service throughout the day without a need to add more.
  • People who are a prolific user of RAD 140 do recommend a beginner to start up with 10mg a day mainly due to its anabolic effect. Experienced RAD 140 users dose about 20mg a day, and it works best for them. Who are you as a beginner to start dosing above such limit?

How to stack RAD 140

Bodybuilders mostly like stacking RAD 140 with other compounds and steroids to increase impacts. The most commonly used combinations include the Ostarine, Cardarine, Ibutamoren and conventional steroids such as Primobolan.

Benefits of using RAD 140?

Apart from helping in building body muscles and bone strength, does Testolone has other notable benefits? We tend to think many people would prefer to have this question answered so there can widen their scope of knowledge concerning Testolone.

Continue reading through to get answers for the same.

  1. Reduce the androgenic side effect

Like we said, RAD 140 is never converted to DHT at any point. The main reason for this is because Testolone is a non-hormonal compound and does not aromatize at any point. Contrary, RAD 140 helps in reducing the swelling of the prostate glands, which is a possible side effect of exogenous testosterone.

  1. Fat loss

RAD 140 is not the most prominent SARM to use for fat loss. Due to intense workout and increased mass muscle build up, RAD 140 results in a significant decline in body fat.

  1. Ability to protect the brain

In one of the intended therapeutic uses of RAD 140 is the prevention of the entire Alzheimer’s. Even though it might take decades to legalize RAD 140 for brain protection, many people are already using it across the world. Testolone protects the brain from amyloid beta proteins which increase the brain cell growth.

  1. Creates overall body pleasure

When you feel that you do not intend to work out, considering the use of RAD 140 is the best alternative. Testolone helps you fight that sick and lethargic feeling that comes with laziness in taking an exercise.

  1. Harden body muscles

Even though primarily Testolone helps in muscle gain, there is always a need for the tendons to be stronger. Ideally, why would you need to have sagging muscles?

RAD 140 has an excellent muscle hardening effect that leaves the user with pumps something almost similar to Anavar or the Masteron.

Does RAD 140 have any side effects?

The side effects that user of RAD 140 experience are similar to what any Andarine SARM. However, to some point, these side effects are a bit minimal.

The appealing news in using RAD 140 is that cases that are associated with SARM like gyno, acne, and high blood pressure, are things of the past. It is worth to notice that RAD 140 is among the few SARM you will not see its side effect on the body.

The few side effect you can notice include the following;

  • 1). RAD 140 user experience irritability coupled with occasional headache and muscle cramps. These side effects are, however, not that severe, and you can cope with them with time.
  • 2). Other people do report that they do experience nausea and hair loss though up to now there is no proof to link Testolone with such kind of effects.
  • 3). The only side effect that is worth discussing is the ability of RAD 140 to cause testosterone suppression.

RAD140 testosterone suppression

If you become a chronic user of Testolone for an extended period, the strength of your body to produce testosterone hormone goes down. Most people who have had this effect in their life, end up undergoing SARMs PCT to help them recover from the condition.

Where to buy RAD 140

Nowadays there many different vendors selling RAD 140. The idea of look for a right vendor is to help you get quality compound that will serve your needs and again in a friendly price.

The most excellent vendor we do recommend anyone to buy Testolone from is the Sarms4You. These vendors charge a reasonable amount of money of about $69.95 for a bottle of RAD 140. All orders that go beyond $150 are always given on free shipping terms. Additionally, Sarm4You vendors are the few know sellers of RAD 140 that will supply the compound in any corner of the world in a reasonable time limit.


RAD 140 compound is still in its investigative stage. Even though it’s an ideal compound to building body muscles, it’s vital to use it with great care since it anabolic impacts are quite rapid.

Further research is underway to ascertain on whether RAD 140 can be used to suppress carcinogen cancer cell of the breast. If you are a chronic user of RAD 140 and it has helped you in one way or the other feel free to share with us your experience.

YK11 / Myostine Review – Are You Prepared For A Good Thing?

Yk11 is also very popularly known as Myostine and is considered to a very strong SARM. Some have called it a synthetic steroid that is based on DHT, a hormone that targets androgen receptors in the body. Due to its extraordinary abilities to build muscles really fast, YK11 is currently gaining interest, particularly among bodybuilders.

  • Researchers have suggested that YK11 can increase muscle by increasing the follistatin, the muscle-building protein in the body. It was also found to increase the bone-building protein enhancing the bone health in the body. However, its usage is said to very toxic and will have a number of weird side effects. This article outlines the ins and outs of YK11. To begin, let us start with history.

History of YK11

Yk11 was initially studied by a Japanese researcher named Yuichiriro Kanno in the year 2011. According to Yuichirio, the drug was a selective androgen receptor modulator, but currently, researchers think otherwise. Since then, the limited studies that have been carried out have claimed that YK11 acts as a myostatin inhibitor. Its molecule structure was also found to be very different and quite unique. However, since YK11 is still new in the market, there still does not exist any established naming for the drug.

YK 11 molecule structure

How Does it Work

Again, since the drug is still new, exactly how YK11 boosts the muscle production in humans is not quite certain. What is known for sure is that the biological structure of this drug is comparable to DHT and binds the androgen receptors in the same way? DHT is a hormone that will naturally occur in our bodies.

  • The hormone is critical for hair growth, suitable puberty development, and prostrate healthiness. In the same way, YK11 binds itself to the androgen receptors inducing muscles that create more follistatin which reduces the levels of myostatin.
  • When the protein in the body that limits muscle growth is reduced, the body begins to experience increased muscle growth that will often exceed genomic abilities. The consumer is, therefore, able to grow really large muscles without the need to actually lift weights and exercise.

All in all, all these are mere claims that can only be confirmed once more research is done.

YK11 Benefits

Nevertheless, the benefits YK11 has shown or humans that have used it are very clear. Below are some of the profits to expect from YK11 consumption.

Increased muscle size

  • Consumption of the YK11 will automatically boost the growth of muscle cells leading to very huge muscle sizes. The growth is estimated to be over fifteen Ibs and a reduction in body size after a cycle.
  • In fact, if that careful with the usage, the huge production of muscle could outweigh your body in general and this could be very dangerous.

Continuous lean body mass

  • Other than just an increased muscle size, YK11 guarantees a continuous lean body mass even after completion of the eight-week cycle.
  • Researchers have found the possibility of the drug to activate more and more Follistatin that in return ensures a continual lean body mass.

Strengthens bones

  • YK11 also increases the levels of PKB in the body cells. As a result, these activated cells send signals that may surge the growth of bone cells. With very strong muscle building effects, the drug is able to maintain healthy bones.
  • This would particularly favor the old people who are struggling with weak and unhealthy bones and muscles. With just the right dosage, this problem could be solved.

YK 11 benefits

Very quick to take effect

  • Finally, YK11 effects will often not take more two weeks to start manifesting. Unlike other drugs, you may start to experience the growth of muscle sizes and extra strengths very early.
  • According to Gruntstyle2, a user of the YK11, it only took him three days to start experiencing the dense feeling. Surely, you could only imagine how huge one will appear after an eight-week cycle.

YK11 Side Effects.

However, even with all the mentioned benefits above, YK11 users are still subjected to a number of side effects from its consumption. Technically, no animal or human has been tested for these effects yet. All in all, from a number of studies and research, carried out, these side effects may occur and will differ according to the consumer. Most of these side effects are also very severe and could easily interfere with how the body would normally function. Below are a few of the side effects that may result from using YK11.

High chances of cancer

  • According to a cell study, very high levels of follistatin may increase the risk of acquiring cancer. The critical organs likely to be affected will include the esophagus, prostate, skin and the stomach.

Loss of hair

  • From individuals who claim to have used the drug, YK11 may cause hair loss and shedding is also possible. Again, this may be due to the increased levels of follistatin but will affect people differently. This means that some may not actually go through the hair loss agony especially for females.

Damage the liver

  1. Just as a number of other steroids would are deadly to the liver, as a steroid, YK11 may cause very serve damages to the liver. The biological structure of YK11 is very similar to steroids and therefore chances of a damaged liver are very high.

Mild acne

  • Mild skin acne should also be a side effect to expect. You might experience it for a few weeks within the cycle or after the cycle is complete. It may also not be present on anyone. Some may not experience it at all.

YK11 Dosage

A YK11 dosage will normally vary depending on the gender and the preference of the user. It may come as capsules, in powder form or through muscle injections. The majority prefer to split the dosage twice in a day, while others may not seem to work for them.

  • For females, the recommended amount is between 0.5mg and 5mg as the maximum they can take in a single day.
  • Men, on the other hand, can handle a much more dosage from 5mg to 10mg again as the maximum limit in a single day.

Users may also increase their dosage with time but must always be very keen to overdosages. Claims of acquiring super results through increasing the dosage may not be true at all.

Where to buy YK11

YK11 can be simply and rightfully purchased online for research purposes only. The product is yet to be permitted for human intake and therefore this only means the industries are not yet regulated. For this reason, taking the time to find the best vendor might be very important. You would not want to test a fake product and even worse consume it.

This could be very disastrous and very harmful for you. Therefore, make sure you have the original YK11 for the best results. To avoid any mistakes, get recommendations and make time to go through the products review.

Two well-known companies you can acquire YK11 from are the topnotch SARMS and the Medfit RX.

Bottom line

In general, although YK11 has not been specifically tested on humans, the response and comments about the products are overwhelming. The, in particular, appeared to be very tempting and would be the main reason why many have considered using YK11. The huge muscle build up that can allegedly occur in just eight weeks is definitely something bodybuilders would try.

Additionally, the fact YK11 only needs a few days to start manifesting is also something. Surely, we’d all prefer a very fast process to quickly get over and done with. The product was also claimed to be beneficial to old men and women who would want to improve their bone health. With the right kind of product and the correct amount of dosage, the product looks okay and probably a bit safe.

However, YK11 has its side effects which seemed a little extra. Basically, the product appears to be very toxic and being illegal just makes things even worse. Something is not just right when we have to interfere with the normal functioning of our bodies. After all, the product offers the shortest way out, which we all know the reputation of choosing the shortest and quickest way in life. What’s more, as long the product is not fully tested, it remains harmful and toxic for human ingestion.

Either way, please make sure to undertake enough research before considering YK11. Learn about the product both in and out and ensure to look for a few reviews. Also, find the best vendor for the best product and guidance if need be. You will need good customer support and service from the vendors. Remember it is a toxic product and therefore consuming a fake product will only make everything worse. Lastly, don’t forget to weigh the two sides in the best way possible. It will be very valuable later on in your life.

Andarine S4 Sarm -These Facts Might Change Your Sarms Strategy

Almost all athletes, sports stars, and bodybuilders do understand the need for having an active muscle that displays strong performance. Little is, however, known on how sports star put a lot of efforts to stay healthy while at the same time, remain in the right shape.

Sports stars do not only engage in routine exercise, but some have discovered different ways to boost body stamina, strength, and build up strong body muscles. This implies the use of drugs commonly referred to as Selective Androgen Receptor Modular (SARM). The best example of such a drug is Andarine.

What is Andarine s4 SARM?

SARM was explicitly designed to help treat several diseases that are mainly related to muscle wasting, osteoporosis, and benign prostatic hypertrophy. Typically to be specific s4 SARM is for body muscle building. It is considered as one of the most active Andarine compounds since it has a significant fast-acting effect.

What is Andarine s4 sarm?

  • Once you start using s4 SARM, you will experience drastic in a short period. Due to all these factors, s4 SARM is commonly used by many athletes and bodybuilders across the world.
  • People who have information about s4 SARM have become reluctant in furthering research concerning this drug. Even though various research resources indicates that s4 SARM has multiple benefits that are promising, its research has, however, been ignored.

How does s4 SARM work?

SARM generally work by binding directly to the androgen receptors. Just like any other steroid, s4 SARM does the binding process in a particular manner. Androgen receptors have a significant role when lean muscle tissue building is concerned.

  • When SARM binds to the androgen receptor, you experience an enormous increase in lean muscle and body strength. Since s4 SARM does the biding selectively, the extent of side effect is almost at zero levels. If you compare the side effect experienced when you take up steroids like Winstrol and that of s4 SARM, you will notice that steroids cause more harm than the expected benefits.
  • S4 SARM is anabolic and gives a drastic result with little to no side effect. It is, however, essential to note that s4 selective androgen receptor modulator is not entirely side effect free.
  • Andarine s4 SARM has been on human trial for several times. Even after the tests, you will be surprised to learn that little has been documented about this drug. Information that has so far been recorded to justify how s4 SARM work is unsatisfactory.
  • S4 selective androgen receptor modulator is a partial agonist of the androgen receptor. Due to this fact, some people do argue that s4 is weaker than other SARM. Ideally, this statement is even not close to the truth.

What do you expect once you take s4 SARM?

  • Selective androgen receptor modular has a significant impact on the body of a user even at low dosages of 25 to 50mg. Since this drug is rich in bioavailability, it makes perfect results within a few weeks of use.
  • Many researcher stack s4 andarine with Ostarine with ability to create a synergic effect. When you are in chronic deficit, ostarine and s4 SARM combined helps you to hold onto your muscles mass.
  • Once you take s4 SARM, the first thing to experience in your body is the steroid effect. Mainly your muscles and bone tissues get significant strength. With weeks of taking s4 SARM, you put up lean muscle mass.
  • Another significant benefit that comes with the use of s4 SARM is a considerable boost in strength. After two weeks of use, you start crushing personal records in the gym.
  • The greatest thing to expect when you take s4 selective androgen receptor modular is a body bulk. Your body muscles become great pack and bulk, and you won’t have any water retention or bloat.

This drug perhaps is the strongest of all selective androgen receptor modular we have in the market. Many people tend to compare its strength with LGD-4033, but the two are incomparable.

How is s4 SARM stacked?

To achieve effective bulking, users prefer to stack s4 with LGD-4033. This has more so to gain a lot of muscle mass in a short time. Experience from anecdotal has it that 25-50mg of Andarine combined with 5-10mg of Ligandrol works as the best combination.

  • Andarine can, therefore, be stacked with other SARM products. In most cases, however, it is not advisable to stack the drug.
  • If you are in chronic muscle waste and need to recover at a fast rate, a perfect combo is s4 Andarine and Ostarine MK-2866 or GW-501516. Further several researchers of Andarine suggest stacking of s4 with Cardarine to boost endurance.
  • Other users combine s4 with steroids like Trenbolone. Even when applied in low dosage, s4 users who combine it with steroids have reported a significant effect on their physical outlook.

The other option most people go for to stack s4 is combining it with MK677 which is still an Andarine type of a drug.

Benefits of using s4 SARM

In the development of selective androgen receptor modular s4 is by far the most versatile drug to be manufactured. By far, it’s not the first SARM to be approved but also the most analyzed and researched SARM. Apart from building lean body muscles and giving body strength, the following are the extra benefits you get once you embark on using s4 SARM.

1). Reduce in body fat:

  • Even though how one reduce body fat is more related to the genetic relation of the person, s4 andarine can lower body fat. It causes strong oxidation ability of the fatty tissues in the body. The fat molecules in the body fats upon oxidation combine with androgen receptors hence reducing body fat level.

2). Prevent liver damage:

  • S4 can prevent liver damage by harmful detoxifying materials that arrives in the liver.

3). Prevents gynecomastia:

  • S4 can great ability in preventing enlargement of breast in men even after the body gains more muscles and strength.

4). Does not damage body organs:

  • Since s4 is too much exclusive in tissue identification and growth, it does not cause enlargement of the heart or cause any damage to other body organs.

5). Inhibit the development of female sexual characteristics in male:

  • S4 has great ability to lower up to zero percent chances of aromatization, lactation of the breast in males, or raise of any secondary sexual trait in males, especially on the post cycle recovery.

6). Lowers cases of cardiovascular risks:

S4 does not affect the LDL/ HDL ratio, meaning that cases of getting cardiac arrest are significantly reduced.

  •  Even if SARM like s4 is less powerful compared to steroids like Winstrol, they rarely need the extensive post cycle therapy, which can be cycled back to back annually. This means frequent use of s4 over the years, results to similar effects.

Does s4 SARM have any side effect?

When the side effect of s4 is concerned, it’s better we address them directly as they do appeal. Andarine does seem to have a few mild side effects. As such never believe people who say that Andarine is free of any side effect as such a statement would be deceiving.

The side effect of s4 selection androgen receptor modular is very mild. Generally, they are nothing compared to side effects that come with the use of steroids.

Andarine has so far identified two main potential side effects that come with s4 SARM.

  •  The first side effect is a light suppression of the natural testosterone. This side effect is mostly overlooked as it is not easy to be noticed by the user.

Due to the high anabolic activity of Andarine, production of testosterone is generally suppressed during a cycle. Even though this suppression mostly occurs, they are nothing to worry so much. The condition can be rectified by the use of post cycle therapy (PCT).

  • The other notable side effect of s4 SARM is dysfunction of the vision. Andarine has the potential to cause yellowish tint inside the eye, tinting the entire vision. This side effect is, however, experienced after a very high dosage.

Researcher advises that to fight out cases of side effect of yellowish vision in s4 is prudent to adhere to low dosages and advance to a higher amount with time.

  • Further, s4 SARM has a track record of causing depression in a small percentage of people. This side effect has, however, been linked to psychological issues than opposed to the physiological problem.

The andarine researcher continues to advise that people with mice suffering coming from any emotional orders need to be extra cautious when using s4 SARM.

Dosages to adhere to when using s4 SARM

The recommended dose for s4 SARM is 25mg and 50mg three times a day. However, people who are already used to this drug can go past this limit. Ideally, s4 SARM is a drug, just like any other drug, and adhering to a prescription is very vital.

  • Unfortunately, it is good to remember that the higher the dosage, the greater the effect you will get in return. Even though the side effects that come with s4 selective androgen receptor modular are never permanent, taking the right dosage is of great essence.

Buy Andarine s4 sarm

Where to buy s4 Andarine

If your next move is to order for a pack of s4, its good to be extra careful on where you buy. Typically the number of vendors for SARMs have reduced more significantly.

We recommend that you should always purchase your andarine from Sarms4You. These vendors offer quality s4 SARM at affordable price.


Information concerning s4 SARM and the Andarine, in general, has for a long time been forgotten. Many people across the work are not yet sure how s4 SARM work and what is its benefits.

Many Andarine sellers claim to sell s4 SARM, but in the real sense, they do not sell. Its better you stay safe and buy a safe product.

Ibutamoren Or Nutrobal (MK-677 ) – Choosing The Right Strategy

The 9 Uses of Ibutamoren (MK-677) + Side Effects by Dr. Biljana Novkovic, Ph.D. reviewed by Dr. Nattha Wannissorn, Ph.D. and last updated on May 6, 2019, is a relevant article which gives in-depth insights of Ibutamoren. The article plays the purpose of educating Ibutamoren users on the importance of drugs, and it lists its side effects. Ibutamoren, commonly known as MK-677, is a drug used by bodybuilders and people who want to grow because they cannot grow normally.

It is a nonpeptide growth hormone secretagogue, and it helps increase the levels of growth hormones in the body. The drug was tested on both adults and children who were suffering from hormonal deficiencies which affected their growth, and it showed strong results, and thus, it is an effective drug.

What are the real outcomes which one should expect after taking Ibutamoren?

Also called Nutrobal, there are specific results which should be expected after in taking the substance. The growth hormone also referred to as ‘The Fountain of Youth’ has a meaning as its capable of making complete changes to the human body. The nutrobal substance works closely to the growth hormone with some of its expected results being:

Anti-aging potion

  • After intake of the material, the skin changes and looks better; you as well grow permanent, hard and lean muscle tissue. The hair grows healthier with more memory, concentration, alertness, and mental clarity.

Muscle mass

  • MK-677 boosts new muscles growth through two different ways. One of the methods is through stimulation of pituitary gland so that it secretes additional GH. The GH will then stimulate the liver to release IGF-1.
  • The two hormones work hand in hand to enhance recovery rate, boost retention of nitrogen, and enhance protein synthesis. If the substance is taken in line with intense workouts plus a proper diet, you can gain muscle mass with six to eight weeks.
  • You will be able to garner about six to eight lbs after taking Ibutamoren.

MK677 results


  • Another very innate ability of the Ibutamoren substance enhances restful sleep. The substance is one nootropic potent with cognitive and neuroprotective benefits. Through such rest, you as well get improved wellbeing and health.

Is the MK-677 a safe substance to intake?

Ibutamoren is one of the safest substances to take if you are healthy. Common sides effects reported which you could suffer are edema and muscle cramps that can only result after taking higher doses. However, the consequences can be managed very quickly and also subside when you stop taking the substance.

How it Works

Ibutamoren is an agonist of the ghrelin receptor, which is a receptor that binds growth hormone secretagogues such as ghrelin. The drug mimics ghrelin stimulating action, and in turn, increases the production of growth hormones and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1). Many physicians recommend Ibutamoren because it only works by increasing growth hormones and does not affect other critical hormones such as cortisol, thyroxine, insulin, glucose, and thyrotropin.

Uses of Ibutamoren

Ibutamoren plays many significant roles in the body. Its substantial applications include:

Helps in Building Muscles

  • When Ibutamoren is administered in the body, the pituitary gland is signaled to secrete more growth hormones. When the growth hormones are secreted in high amounts, the liver is stimulated to secrete IGF-1.
  • These two hormones will increase protein synthesis in the body, which will increase lean mass. Significant amounts of nitrogen will be retained in the muscles, and thus within six to eight weeks of usage, the user will experience reliable results. The users will have increased muscle strength and loss of body fat. Ibutamoren was tested on 24 randomly picked obese men.
  • The treatment was conducted for two months, and the results were amazing. These two hormones will increase protein synthesis in the body, which will increase lean mass. Significant amounts of nitrogen will be retained in the muscles, and thus within six to eight weeks of usage, the user will experience substantial results.
  • The users will have increased muscle strength and loss of body fat. Ibutamoren was tested on 24 randomly picked obese men. The treatment was conducted for two months, and the results were amazing. All the men had increased lean mass and significant loss of fat. Therefore, this drug is vital to athletes and any user who would like to build their muscles and increase their strength.

Preventing Muscle Wasting

  • Most Ibutamoren users consume the drug to prevent muscle wasting. According to Dr. Biljana Novkovic, a test was conducted on eight healthy volunteers who were denied food for a certain amount of time, and Ibutamoren was induced in their bodies.
  • The eight volunteers recorded that the drug reversed protein loss, which would have led to muscle wasting. Thus, their body had healthy amounts of protein needed to maintain muscle health.

Moreover, another study was done on 123 randomly picked patients who had hip fractures. Ibutamoren was administered to the patients, and the results were surprising. Their muscle strength was increased, which led to a reduced number of falls, and also their gait speed was increased. Therefore, Ibutamoren is effective in preventing muscle wasting.

Improving Sleep Quality

  • In current society, most people suffer from sleep disorders such as insomnia. However, Ibutamoren has shown to be effective in improving sleep quality. Users who use Ibutamoren for different other reasons showed to sleep for longer durations and had a good quality of sleep.
  • For these reasons, the drug is now used as a potential help for patients with sleep disorders.

Increased Bone Density

  • Increased production of growth hormones increases bone turnover, which in turn increases bone density. Elderly adults of 65 years old and above were randomly picked for a test. When Ibutamoren was administered to their body for some time, they showed stronger bones due to increased bone turnover.
  • The same test was conducted on 292 women who were on their post-menopausal period. These women showed significant bone strength due to improved bone mineral density. However, when Ibutamoren is first introduced in the body, it reduces the turnover before it picks up and increases it to a healthy level.
  • Improved bone density is essential for a healthy life, and it is advantageous for athletes. The same test was conducted on 292 women who were on their post-menopausal period. These women showed significant bone strength due to improved bone mineral density.
  • However, when Ibutamoren is first introduced in the body, it reduces the turnover before it picks up and increases it to a healthy level. Improved bone density is vital for a healthy life, and it is advantageous for athletes.

Increases Longevity

  • After puberty, growth hormones in the body decline and thus administering Ibutamoren in the body means the growth hormones will be produced in high amounts. Therefore, the person keeps growing, and thus, their lifespan is increased. This is because the body is healthy; the bones are active, the muscle mass has increased.

It has Nootropic Effects

  • Another essential function of Ibutamoren is that it has nootropic effects. This means the cognitive function of the user, including memory, is increased. This is because the drug works to increase the secretion of IGF-1, which is known to boost memory retention and to enhance learning abilities.
  • Also, when a user sleeps well, their cognitive function is boosted, and their brain will be active the next day.

Improves Heal Wounding

  • Ibutamoren has proved to heal wounding in users who use it for other purposes. Moreover, the drug does not affect cortisol production, a hormone which is known to delay wound healing.
  • Therefore, when cortisol levels are not increased, and Ibutamoren is used, wound healing is faster than in patients who do not use it.

Side effects of Mk-677Side Effects of Ibutamoren

Common sides effects reported which you could suffer are edema and muscle cramps that can only result after taking higher doses. However, the effects can be managed very quickly and also subside when you stop taking the substance.

  • The common side effects of Ibutamoren include muscle pain, increased appetite, insulin resistance, and joint pains. These are similar side effects experienced in people who have naturally high amounts of growth hormones.
  • Moreover, the patients who were tested also showed increased susceptibility to heart issues, blood pressure, and increased blood glucose. Therefore, Ibutamoren should be avoided by people who have a history of heart failure. Moreover, this drug should not be used by cancer patients as it can make the condition worse.
  • Ibutamoren is an effective drug when used in the recommended dosage, which is 25 mg per day. However, the dosage differs with the purpose of the usage. Thus, users should consult pharmacists on what their dosage should be depending on their objectives. However, the dosage varies with the purpose of the usage.
  • Thus, users should consult pharmacists on what their dosage should be depending on their objectives. The article by Dr. Biljana Novkovic is an incredible one, but it has two limitations.
  • One, the article does not have supportive references, and secondly, some benefits included such as hangover do not have any substantial explanation. Thus, it is difficult to use it to gain information on how the drug helps to get rid of the hangover.