Stenabolic (Sr9009) Review

The working mechanism behind Stenabolic is quite tricky. It is important to note that this drug is not a SARM. Nevertheless, it is promoted by many suppliers as a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. The truth is that it is a REV-ERB. Stenabolic or SR9009 was developed at Scripps Research Institute by Prof. Thomas Burris. Probably, […]

Ostarine (MK 2866) Review

Ostarine is also referred to as Andarine. It is regarded as one of the best selective androgen receptor modulators used in preventing muscle wasting as well as reducing the risk associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia. Its first human clinical trials were extremely positive. It is hard to find something more potent than Ostarine MK-2866. To […]

Cardarine (GW501516) Review

Have you ever heard about Cardarine (GW501516)? Yes. Have you used it? Cardarine (GW501516) is becoming popular in the world. It was realized in the 1990s, but in the 2000s it took its root. Most people used it to prevent the formation of tumor in the breasts, prostate, and colon, which would otherwise lead to […]

Ligandrol (LGD 4033) Review

LGD 4033 or Ligandrol is a SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator) developed by Ligand Pharmacy LLC. Currently, it is made by Viking Therapeutics. This supplement was developed as a treatment for muscle wasting conditions that include cancer, aging, muscular dystrophy, and osteoporosis. It works by binding to the androgen receptors that are found in the […]

Testolone ( RAD140 ) Review

In life, people do have different purpose and reasons as to why they opt to take SARMS compounds. The majority do take these compounds to gain an insane amount of muscle mass. Typically to achieve such, majority of people takes LGD-4033 or the Ligandrol. Surprisingly life is too fan. While someone is in dire need […]

YK11 Myostine Review

Yk11 is also very popularly known as Myostine and is considered to a very strong SARM. Some have called it a synthetic steroid that is based on DHT, a hormone that targets androgen receptors in the body. Due to its extraordinary abilities to build muscles really fast, YK11 is currently gaining interest, particularly among bodybuilders. […]

Andarine S4 Sarm

Almost all athletes, sports stars, and bodybuilders do understand the need for having an active muscle that displays strong performance. Little is, however, known on how sports star put a lot of efforts to stay healthy while at the same time, remain in the right shape. Sports stars do not only engage in routine exercise, […]

Ibutamoren / Nutrobal (MK-677 )

The 9 Uses of Ibutamoren (MK-677) + Side Effects by Dr. Biljana Novkovic, Ph.D. reviewed by Dr. Nattha Wannissorn, Ph.D. and last updated on May 6, 2019, is a relevant article which gives in-depth insights of Ibutamoren. The article plays the purpose of educating Ibutamoren users on the importance of drugs, and it lists its […]